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Terms of Service
Terms of Service

We reserve the right to amend or add to the contents of our Terms of Service if ever deemed necessary.
If any amendments do occur. We will inform our users of the changes made to our Terms of Service.

Campaign Content:
1.) Client website must not contain any sexual content or be a state sponsored website.
2.) The contents of the client's website also must not contain any illegal content (DMCA).
Purchases & Payments
1.) We provide advertising which is an intangible service meaning we will not be able to provide refunds for your transactions with us.
2.) Only if we are unable to deliver the service, we will refund the client on a pro-rated basis.
Abuse of System
1.) Misuse of system and taking advantage of system glitches will not be tolerated and results in a network wide ban across all our partner ad networks.
1.) If the client violates our Terms of Service, their account/campaigns may be put on permanent hold or removed, we will not be able to refund on such occurrences.